Down Hill Boots

Down Hill Boots
Ski & Sports Chalet is proud to carry a large assortment of boots at various performance levels to help fit your needs. Our professional staff can help fit you into the perfect boot. Whether it’s a narrow foot or wide legs, we can help fit you. The store’s large in stock selection allows the staff to fit the smallest child all the way up to a size 17 foot.
The store also does heat molding, installs heater packs, and can properly cant your boots. “If your feet aren’t comfortable, you won’t enjoy skiing. So let us help you find the right boot or let us help correct your existing boot to make your skiing a great experience.”







Ski Boots

Ski boots are arguably your most important equipment investment. And it’s not just about comfort – though after a long day of skiing, you will appreciate properly fitted boots. The principle reason to invest in good ski boots is that you use them to control your skis. Having the right boots, with the right fit, can help you take your skiing to the next level.

Much like Goldilocks searching for the right porridge, you need ski boots that are neither too loose nor too tight, but that fit just right. Loose boots let your foot rotate as you try to turn, so you will not be able to steer the ski efficiently. Boots that are too tight can pinch and bind, making your life miserable and distracting you from the feedback you get from your skis. Tight boots can also restrict blood flow, resulting in cold feet. Let’s not forget the importance of a good footbed for a superior boot fit.

Boots that fit right should be snug in the heel and toe, but not feel constricting. Depending on your ability level, they should be stiff enough to transmit energy to the ski but still provide a comfortable fit. More advanced skiers will benefit from a snugger, stiffer boot that will offer them more precise control, while beginners will be more comfortable with a softer flex in a slightly roomier boot.

Boot fitting is a science, and our expert boot fitters are the Einsteins of the profession. From custom footbeds to boot stretching & grinding our decades of experience will make the boot comfortable. Whatever your foot size or foot shape, they have the training and experience necessary to make sure you get a proper fitting boot that’s suited to your ability level.