Bike Rides

Racine Bike Rides

Every Wednesday night a group of riders meet at The Yardarm Bar and Grill Restaurant in Racine, 920 Erie Street. The group meets at 5:50 pm for their weekly ride that begins at 6:00 pm. The Ski & Sports group joins members from the Racine Snomads Ski Club for a 12 mile ride with lots of stops. There is also an 8 mile pick-up point. On average there is about 8-15 riders for this Wednesday ride. After the ride there are tables reserved for dinner and drinks.

Kenosha Bike Rides

There will be three evening social rides. We are expecting 10 to 20 riders for these three events. The rides will consist of a slow 5-10 mile bike ride along the lake. The ride begins at 6:00pm and the group will meet at Pazzo, 707 56th Street. After the ride the group will be returning to Pazzo between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. Once there, we will socialize over drinks and dinner. Dinner is a suggestion not a requirement. For dates on these three Kenosha rides please contact Jim Jake, 262-658-8515.

Note: Bike rides are subject to cancellation due to bad weather. If a ride is called off it will be determined one hour before the ride. To check the status on the Kenosha and Racine evening rides you can call Jim Jake at 262-658-8515 to ask if the ride is cancelled or not.